Population Control Part 8

In this final part to the Population Control series, Dr Joseph Opare speaks about World War III. Has there been a behind the scenes plot to orchestrate three world wars? Does the letter between the Confederate General Albert Pike and Italian Politician Guiseppe Mazzini prove this? Will America survive a Russian retaliation as it continues to send further weaponry into the Ukraine? What if Russia uses its Poseidon Drones or if North Korea, China or Russia detonated an EMP weapon over North America? Is famine and cannibalism on the horizon? Watch this episode to find out more...

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Population Control Part 7

In Population Control Part 7 we ask the following questions; Why is there a push for the rollout of the 5th Generation of mobile phone technology infrastructure? When 5g was switched on in Wuhan, did it lead to an outbreak of radiation sickness and did someone fabricate a medical cover story? Are there real health concerns about microwave frequencies, or are some of the claims far fetched? Join Dr Joseph Opare as he investigates the correlation between 5G and current medical technology, radiation poisoning, cancer, surveillance and more. This episode includes excerpts from Dr Tom Cowan, Colonel Andrew Huff and...

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Population Control Part 6

Do we call it Geoengineering, Chemtrails, Solar Radiation Management or Climate Engineering? What is going on with the aerosolising of our skies and what are the dire effects of this open secret campaign? Are the air, water and soil worldwide being polluted? What are the constituents of these aerosol campaigns and what are they being used for? Is humanity at the brink of extinction level events that are rooted in decades of geoengineering? Join Dr Joseph Opare as he unveils part of the mystery behind decades of weather warfare also showing clips from Dane Wigington of and Kristen Meghan

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