The Dangers Of Sex Outside Of Marriage. Part 1


The subject of sexual sin is not something often dealt with, in an in-depth manner within church circles because this often stirs much discomfort. Personally, I can't say that I have walked in complete victory in the earlier years of my walk with the Lord. This is because although people taught in this area, they never went into any depth to bring understanding. Maybe my experiences and freedom in this area will help bring others into liberty. This article should help some of you on a journey seeking to flee from the sexual snares that you may have become entangled...

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Is Bitcoin the mark of the beast?


Is Bitcoin the mark of the beast system? With strange images of a mysterious currency appearing on the front cover of the 1988 Economist magazine who knows? Although there seems to be confusion over the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the supposed inventor of Bitcoin, are some of us being too cautious for no reason when deciding to enter the growing market of cryptocurrencies?    During a discussion with a ministerial colleague, it intrigued me to find out he and his wife supposed Bitcoin was the mark of the beast system.  Whilst listening to his belief I imagined all the people in Christendom sitting...

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A Melanin Messiah?


Was Yeshua a dark-skinned person, a Melanin Messiah? Some reading this may be of Caucasian origin and therefore do not see the need to discuss this subject. In fact, this subject has brought controversy and division within the church. But as an African and a minister of the gospel I have found it disturbing that we brush this topic to one side because it may offend people. I have also heard it said the color of the messiah’s skin is of no significance to anyone. But when I see a preponderance of young men from the African diaspora being led...

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