The Question Of Spirit Spouses


'Spirit Spouses' is a theological subject that I have recently studied. Due to my Ghanaian roots and interest in the area of Christian deliverance ministry, I decided to investigate this subject. The first time I heard of this subject I dismissed it entirely. The person who attempted to explain some related concepts did so without any sound theological grounds. However since writing the book Nephilim Apocalypse and seeing the explicit statements in the bible that the fallen Angels, known in the Hebrew tongue as the 'Bene Ha Elohim' had taken human females as wives because of their beauty. It also makes logical sense...

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Holy Ghost Baptism Vision

In my upcoming temporarily free eBook, I share the experience of a vision where people are being filled with the Holy Ghost. Excerpt From "Learning To Flow In The Holy Ghost" In one of my former schools, Ghana National College, they had a club for Christians called the Scripture Union. Once a week on a particular evening before our night studies, many Christians gathered in the lecture theatre to worship, pray and fellowship. I had several visions in my first few years of becoming a Christian. I would often use the following scripture in prayer, and the Lord would show...

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Nephilim Apocalypse – The Money Changers

Many songs have been written about money, but why does it seem as if the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? In the chapter entitled The Moneychangers, I deal with the reasons for which Jesus went into the temple, beat the moneychangers and overturned tables. Twice in the New Testament we see the Lord enacting his wrath. Although the Lord insulted Scribes and Pharisees, there is no documented evidence in the New Testament that he resorted to violence in dealing with them. Have you ever considered why this is the case and what got him so angry? (more…)

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