The Nephilim Agenda Accomplished?

Nephilim Apocalypse is a book written by Dr. Joseph Opare. This conversation between Jay Campbell and Dr. Opare deals with the dystopian future that has been unleashed on humanity since 2019, two years after this book was released.

Has the nephilim agenda been accomplished? Signs of Demonic Occupation in Modern Society. The bloodline descendants of fallen angels have weaved their way into our society and cultures, and their occupation of humanity is already well underway. From the manipulation of economies to the technological enslavement of billions of people, the long foreshadowed indications of the agenda are happening right in front of us. Are we being led to buy into an agenda that will ultimately lead to our demise? How do we guard our souls against manipulation? In this episode, author of the profound book, the “Nephilim Apocalypse: Rise Of The Nephilim New World Order”, Joseph Opare joins Jay Campbell to discuss all the indicators that we’re already in a dark brotherhood-orchestrated apocalypse.

Three Things We Learned

  • What Satan ultimately wants from us
  • The hard question we all have to ask ourselves
  • Atlantean technology resurrected

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