Population Control Part 5


In Population Control Part 5 we tackle the question; "Will the overreaching of government policies continue to lead people into a type of police state." What has happened to our civil liberties? This episode could be called "Control The Population" instead of Population Control. Join Dr Joseph Opare as he speaks about the erosion of the bill of rights, as one of the signs unveiling the emerging mark of the beast system. Hear the opinion of those such as Edward Snowden...

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Population Control Part 4

In Population Control Part 4 we ask and explore the following; Are the drug companies, who are peddling their new jab technologies telling us the truth about the listed ingredients? Or are they sneaking extra technologies into their potions? This episode is not for the fainthearted. Join Dr Joseph Opare as he unveils the disturbing “extras” found by Dr Carrie Madej MD and Dr Franc Zalewsky. Graphene, Aluminium, Bromine and something bone chilling found under the microscope. Will you dare to watch?

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