Learning to Flow In The Holy Ghost

Joseph Opare does an amazing job, providing expository insight on how to flow in the power of the Holy Spirit. This enables you to experience mighty miracles and encourages you to practice biblical principles which keep you sanctified mind, body, and spirit.

Water is the most fundamental element of human life. In this book you will learn how the mystery of its typology powerfully describes the person of The Holy Spirit.

Receive enlightenment on the core properties of several important teachings of Christian doctrine.

In these last days of many will witness many negative changes in the world and also a crazy shift in the modern church, as already stated in the prophetic scriptures. But this book will aid in instilling a vanguard persona within you. Discover how to fully receive the blessing of God and develop the wisdom not to be deceived by the schemes of pretenders in the kingdom of God.

You will be glad you spent your time in preparation ‘Learning To Flow In The Holy Ghost.’


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130 Pages


Opare Books


US English


April 2017

About The Author

Joseph Opare

Unlock the Marvelous Journey of Spiritual Transformation: “Learning To Flow In The Holy Ghost”

Embark on an extraordinary odyssey ignited by the arresting touch of the Holy Spirit upon a young runaway hailing from London. This captivating narrative unfolds within the embrace of two successive boarding schools nestled along the picturesque coast of Ghana. Step into a world where divine principles intertwine seamlessly, guiding our protagonist towards the awe-inspiring ability to “Learn To Flow In The Holy Ghost.”

Within the pages of this masterpiece authored by the esteemed Dr. Joseph Opare, immerse yourself in the principles that liberated him from the clutches of a troubled adolescence and propelled him toward the pinnacle of power-infused Christianity. This literary gem serves as a conduit through which readers can access the supernatural experiences and timeless wisdom amassed across years of dedicated ministry.

Transcribed within these pages, you’ll find an array of testimonies that will both astound and invigorate:

  • The Holy Spirit’s Infilling: Delve into the sacred moment of being enveloped by the Holy Spirit’s presence, an encounter that sets the stage for unparalleled transformation.
  • A Confrontation with Witches: Traverse through a riveting account of a formidable clash with a coven of witches, showcasing the potency of spiritual warfare in the journey towards enlightenment.
  • An Encounter with the Risen Lord: Experience the profoundness of a personal encounter with the risen Lord, an event that etches the soul with divine connection.

The luminous tapestry of “Learning To Flow In The Holy Ghost” is a beacon of inspiration for those whose spiritual appetite surpasses the ordinary confines of tradition. Dr. Joseph Opare has meticulously woven together a narrative that resonates with seekers of elevated spiritual encounters, offering a roadmap to harnessing the boundless power of the Holy Ghost.

Immerse yourself in this literary voyage, where the synergy of divine guidance and human endeavor culminates in a harmonious dance with the supernatural. Elevate your spiritual journey and embark on a transformative path beyond the mundane, guided by the profound teachings encapsulated within these pages. This book is an exquisite testament to the heights that a soul can attain when it learns to embrace and “Flow In The Holy Ghost.”



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