Nephilim Apocalypse Vol. I

In the hands of an avid reader, Nephilim Apocalypse Vol. I is a book which exposes the connection between several critical arrangements in the financial, political and religious structures of the world from the point of an observer who has done his research drawing upon his theological knowledge of foreshadowing, prefiguring and prophecy.

However, in the hands of a seasoned historian, this book provides more hidden signs and patterns which unearth deeper machinations and conspiracies that form the very foundations of the world we live in today.

In the first of this explosive two-volume series Nephilim Apocalypse from Dr. Joseph Opare you will learn how humanity is being ushered into a New World Order.

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151 Pages




US English




December 2017

About The Author

Joseph Opare


Nephilim Apocalypse Volume I

Rise Of The Nephilim New World Order

Are the Nephilim involved in steering humanity towards an Apocalypse?

What events triggered the worldwide flood in the days of Noah, what do the Nephilim have to do with this and are these things happening again?

Ever wondered what happened to the fallen angels mentioned in the bible, their giant offspring who ruled the earth, and what has become of their bloodlines ever since?

Do you think they still play a role in world governance? Do you think some of the fallen angel’s offspring might still be alive and have survived through the ages?

Drawing upon his powers of foreshadowing, prefiguring and prophecy Dr. Joseph Opare uncovered the connections between major historical events and our present-day reality. This book was formerly titled “The New Age Of Atlantis” because it connects the lost continent with the Nephilim.

 Inside this book

You’re going to learn the truth about;

  • Ancient technology
  • Bloodlines
  • The evil powers who walk the earth amongst us and how to protect yourself from them.
  • Not only that, you’ll hear about the hidden connections between Atlantis, Babylon, The Nazi’s and English Occult Grandmasters like Sir. John Dee.

Follow Dr. Joseph Opare on an exploration of Matthew 24 and ancient world history which uncovers a plot by evil forces to resurrect a technological world under the banner of a “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” the Latin words for New Age Order or New World Order.

Don’t live without this prophetic knowledge. This insight will help prepare you for things to come.

A New World Order is rising; the question is: on which side will you be?


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