Nephilim Apocalypse Vol. I

Unlock Profound Revelations with “Nephilim Apocalypse Vol. I”

Discover hidden interconnections within global financial, political, and religious landscapes, skillfully illuminated through the lens of theological expertise. Dr. Joseph Opare weaves foreshadowing, prefiguring, and prophecy into a compelling narrative, enticing avid readers.

For the discerning historian, this book unveils elusive patterns, exposing the intricate web of machinations that underpin today’s world. Delve into the depths of conspiracies, reshaping your understanding of our reality.

Immerse yourself in the inaugural installment of the gripping two-volume saga, “Nephilim Apocalypse,” authored by Dr. Joseph Opare. Gain unprecedented insights into humanity’s journey towards an imminent New World Order. Elevate your understanding and make an informed choice about your role in this transformative era.


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151 Pages




US English




December 2017

About The Author

Joseph Opare

Unveiling Nephilim Apocalypse Volume I: Rise Of The Nephilim in New World Order

Delve into the enigmatic realm of Nephilim and their potential role in humanity’s impending Apocalypse. Explore the intricacies behind the worldwide flood during Noah’s era and its connection to the Nephilim’s influence. Could history be repeating itself?

Unearth the mysteries surrounding fallen angels and their colossal offspring who once reigned over the Earth. What traces of their bloodlines endure today? Could they still wield sway over global governance? Might their descendants walk among us, enduring through the ages?

Dr. Joseph Opare, master of foreshadowing and prophecy, unveils riveting links between bygone historical events and our present reality. “Nephilim Apocalypse Volume I,” previously known as “The New Age Of Atlantis,” intricately ties the lost continent to the Nephilim narrative.

Inside this extraordinary volume, you will uncover revelations about:

  • Ancient Technological Marvels: Journey into the annals of time to unravel secrets of advanced ancient technology.
  • Mysterious Bloodlines: Decode the enigmatic bloodlines and their influence on human history.
  • Confronting Evil Powers: Gain insights into the malevolent forces lurking among us and discover strategies to shield yourself against them.

But that’s not all; the hidden threads connecting Atlantis, Babylon, the Nazis, and English Occult Grandmasters like Sir John Dee will captivate your imagination.

Follow Dr. Joseph Opare’s meticulous exploration of Matthew 24 and ancient history, unraveling a sinister plot by malevolent entities to resurrect a technological realm under the banner of “Novus Ordo Seclorum” – Latin for New Secular Order or New World Order.

Don’t be caught unaware. Arm yourself with prophetic knowledge that can empower you for the challenges ahead. As the tides of a New World Order surge, the ultimate question remains: Which side will you choose? Let “Nephilim Apocalypse Volume I” guide you towards enlightenment and readiness for the impending shift.


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